Hi Lucy – natural products like coffee grounds, eggshells and banana peels can be beneficial for some plants, but they are far from a complete fertilizer. Typically I water my FLF weekly. Hi Emily! Hey Danielle, the fertilizer should be fine to use on other plants. First time FLF mom here. It’s still recovering but looks so much better, the dots are starting to fade and the new leaves I am getting are green and spot free. Fertilizer - Feed bi-weekly with a weak green plant liquid solution during the growing season. I don’t necessarily want a different pot but should I take it out and get rid of soil then repot in same pot with new soil? You don’t have to fertilize them but there’s so many benefits, there’s no reason not to either! Sounds like you are getting the hang of caring for FLFs Generally yes, multiple trunks can be separated. Anything to kill the nats but not my tree ? Sometimes even if all the leaves drop it can still grow new ones, but it depends if you want to push through or try again with a healthier plant. Re-Potting: I’ve had it for a few months now with now new growth – a learning curve indeed. But I realised I may not have put enough emphasis on it, and it really deserves a post all of its own! Hey Natalie! Lol. Is it necessary to fertilize this plant? We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. I recently got a large flf and 3 babies. This formulation of plant food allows the fiddle leaf fig to sustain its existing leaves and grow new ones. The Ficus Lyrata needs a lot of light. I don’t want to do too much too soon. Select a sturdy container that is roughly 2 inches larger in diameter than the existing one. A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog), 12 DIYs of Christmas: Coastal Napkin Rings, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Create a Faux Wood Fireplace, 12 DIYs of Christmas: Furoshiki Plant Gifts, A post shared by Emily Connett – Dossier Blog (@dossierblog). BTW , I live in the the Midwest where we get more cold and freezing season . Fiddle-leaf figs like a moderate amount of moisture in the soil. I kept it inside the house by the window , not direct from the sun but slowly leaves were dripping. Food ? Fiddle-leaf figs are perfect as focal points of a room if you can situate them in a floor-standing container where the plant is allowed to grow to at least 6 feet. Ficus lyrata, commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig, is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry and fig family Moraceae.It is native to western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, where it grows in lowland tropical rainforest.It can grow up to 12–15 m (39–49 ft) tall. How long should I wait to start fertilizing a newly progated planted fiddle leaf stem? Our heater in this room stopped working over night and bam! Alternatively, check out this Botanicare GROW Fertilizer, which already has the perfect ratio required for your FLF’s needs! This post on identifying FLF brown spots might help you determine the cause of the brown leaves. The Ficus Lyrata, native to Australia, Melanesia, and Southern Asia, is one of the easier ficus trees to care for. And if you wish, you can prune off the top of the main stem for a bushier growth habit. I’ve already written a few posts on caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs which have been some of my most popular posts. I am also going to try fertilizer as well and see if that helps! The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a species of the fig tree that is native to rainforests in central and western Africa. The new sprouts are yellow with brown edges??? You could also prune anything away that doesn’t suit how you envision the tree to be, provided it’s healthy again and therefore will respond well to pruning. . My question is, this plant has 5 trunks. Hi! It’s always a good sign when they start growing though! It’s known that it’s a slow grower and we need to provide it the right conditions so that it thrives. Ficus lyrata. Generally it’s best to water them once the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry. And all fertilizers are specifically made for different types of plants and their needs. I took it outside and fertilized it and watered leaves. When you do this method, you may find you only have to water every 10 days or so. Its most notable feature is its large, dark green leaves. During the growing season (spring to fall), water your fiddle-leaf fig when the top inch of soil feels dry. I got a few FLF plant and most of them are doing great but there’s one that I have issues with.When I got it it had small leaf sprouts .Unfortunately they dried off.Now there is no growth of new leafs. Hey Margaret, I would firstly make sure your FLF is getting enough sunlight. There we 5 trees intertwined. But if you can find a good, bright location for your FLF and combine that with regular fertilizing, it should grow better . (Most indoor specimens reach around 10 feet tall.) The trunk is strong and straight. I haven’t used the FLF plant-food branded fertilizer myself, there’s a lot of cheaper options that contain all the nutrients that FLFs need. I mentioned he is shrub-like. Ficus Lyrata/ fiddle leaf fig house plants Oshawa / Durham Region 13/10/2020 bush fiddle leaf fig that was in a 10 inch ceramic pot plus a small 3 1/2 inch. However, even in the dry season, the tropics are still humid. Depending on your setup, if the small branch is near soil level, it may not be receiving as much light as the rest of the plant. If you had to cut any of the roots apart, don’t fertilize straight away as this can burn new or traumatised roots. Hope that answers your questions! Hi Cathy, fertilizing is very beneficial for plants in pots. I only water it every 2 weeks as Im afraid of root rot. FLFs are tropical plants and minimum temps should be no lower than around 65F! This should help with any future growth, but as for getting more leaves throughout, try tip pruning to activate buds that lay dormant along the stems/branches. Thanks! All the best . These can cause sudden temperature shifts. What would you recommend? I instantly repotted when I brought it home (I’m a newbie) and was watering once a week. One of the popular types of indoor ficus trees is the Fiddle-Leaf fig (Ficus lyrata). Let me know if you have any more specific questions . The one thing I lack is good lighting in my home which is why I believe my FLF was dying. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. There are three stems (sorry i’m not sure if that’s the right word) in the big pot she’s in, and although all three have grown taller, the thickness of their stems haven’t thickened up so now they are starting to droop over the taller they get. Watering how often? You can also look for this info on the back of the container, it will look similar to a nutritional information panel. I’m hoping you can help me with my fiddle leaf challenge. The instructions for the fertilizer seem to imply using it 1x/week, 3 weeks in a row, with a slight increase in concentration (15, 17, 18mL) each time? And plants that are kept in very low light conditions will fail to grow rapidly. Fiddle leaf fig (Ficus Lyrata) is a perennial shrub whose origin comes from the central zone of the African continent. The leaves will naturally lean towards to the light, so if they are facing upwards this is ok and pretty normal. Add a little bit of patience and your FLF should get strong enough to support itself , Thanks for all the tips. I do not understand how to use this fertilizer. And then a few long thin branches which have five or six leaves at the ends, but nothing all the way up. I just brought her home this week. Are there any other specific ones you recommend that’s can be bought in Australia? . Furthermore, these plants are sensitive to high salt levels in the soil. However, when it comes to me and my home…I love a little mini rainforest & to look out to a sea of greenery consisting of large green leaves. I have a few other posts on FLFs if you’re looking for other information. Hi! As a general rule, use about 10mL (or 2 teaspoons) per gallon. That way, it will grow evenly, rather than lean toward the light. What should I do. © Dossier Blog. Thank you , Hi Memy, if your FLF isn’t growing there could be a bunch of reasons. With time, you should notice new buds appearing. So its quite normal that they do this as indoor plants and it won’t harm the plant itself. Temperature. Fertilize ficus when it is actively growing and producing new leaves. Outside is great for them, as long as they are acclimatized slowly to any direct sunlight. Firstly let me tell you… From when I first started fertilizing my Fiddle Leaf Fig, the growth has been AMAZING! Fertilizer. Description The Ficus Lyrata also know as Fiddle Leaf Fig is the "it" plant of today! During winter, your FLF generally slows down growth so fertilizing isn’t as necessary. As these are rainforest plants, they do like high humidity. So that's why you don't have to water a ficus as frequently during the winter dry season. And over the winter months, water slightly less. Also, every week or two dust the leaves with a damp cloth. The main branch has been growing new leaves nicely but the smaller branch seems stunted. Hope it pulls through! Or you can place it on a tray of pebbles filled with water, as long as the bottom of the pot isn’t touching the water. As yours is growing so much it sounds like you are looking after it well , I’ve had my FLF for about 18 months now and the tallest stem has grown about 40-50cm since we got her. If there’s any left over I use it on my other houseplants too. In general, FLFs can take a little while to adjust to new locations. It has no problem growing taller, but I’d like more leaves throughout. So there you have the details on how to Fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig! I must admit i have also killed 4 large FLF….i followed all the correct advise, indirect sunlight/filtered sunlight…..it was only after reading your 6 myths about FLF, i got the courage to buy another one and try one more time, this time i was going to add it to my other plants on my full sun exposed balcony…. Last summer–w/ your help–I separated a bush-style pot into 6 individual plants and they have been booming since. It can be small enough to use as a table plant or large enough to be used as an indoor tree. Light is absolutely key to their growth and I often find that what we think is bright, isn’t necessarily enough for plants! So that’s not a problem If the brown spots on new leaves are quite small, this is known as edema and is quite common in new leaves. Hey – as long as there’s no slow release fertilizer beads in the soil you could probably start fertilizing it. Hi Cat! I bought the suggested fertilizer for my FLF in the 3-1-2 from amazon. The info on here on watering is also useful. Would you like more tips and info on Fiddle Leaf Figs? I had one new leaf and it hasn’t grown ones 2 inches. Was just wondering what I can do, if anything, to help thicken up the stems? For a houseplant, the fiddle leaf fig requires a well lit environment, but uses very little water. Having large leaves that enhance any space, the Ficus Lyrata is a popular houseplant around the world. I actually think they come home from the stores. Hey Cora! This one thing may not be ground-breaking. Fingers crossed for you! You can get your FLF stronger within a few weeks . 2 weeks seems a little long to go between watering, so if you suspect that the soil is compacting or holding lots of water, I would recommend repotting into a well-draining mix. The Ficus Lyrata Also known as the Fiddle leaf fig, this plant is one of the easiest and most rewarding houseplants. Thank you!! However if you’re flushing the soil out until it drains with each watering, you could probably get away with continuing the same amount as during spring/summer. I’d love to use a fertilizer on my FLF but the link for the one ☝️ above on Amazon isn’t posted to Australia. Its ok for the soil to feel wet, as long as you wait to water it until the top 2inches of soil feels dry. And should I still water it through till water drains out? Where can I buy fertilizer for my FLF in British Columbia, Canada. Plus, fiddle-leaf figs can benefit from being in a room with a humidifier. the biggest leaf is 51/2 inches. Can an FLF trunk with no leaves recover and grow leaves again? . New leaves do start out lighter in colour, softer and sometimes even floppy until they mature. A 10-10-10 fertilizer, for example, contains 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, and 10% potassium. The bottom two leaves which had been scrawny, shot out to become individual branches, both of which put out a new leaf or two every few weeks. Some plants may have different nutrient needs to a Fiddle Leaf but the fertilizer should still benefit them. In this case, it would be best to repot. Sometimes plants come with these, in which case I would wait a little while to use other fertilizers. Hello! If your FLF is growing is must be happy. Will this also thicken the trunk? Ficus lyrata, commonly called the fiddle-leaf fig, is a perfect indoor specimen plant. Fiddle-Leaf '' Fig, the nutrients can deplete over time tall or out of the pot thinking of them... Ok to fertilize your Fiddle Leaf Fig requires a well lit environment, but have heard mosquito., sorry to hear about the best way is to prune them back be more for... Will benefit from being in a living room or office space fully saturate until. This size give their FLF the best type to fertilize a little stressed with! Fig Fertilizer-Best fertilizer for my Fiddle Leaf Fig fertilizer Formula.2 edges are caused by lack. New replacements of the fertilizer but I realised I may not be flat! Get back to more of a single stalk considered poisonous and should be... Our retail plant store in San antonio and I ’ d get to... Record notes from Emily ’ s good you are outside of the abundance light... Fine as a houseplant it is getting enough sunlight, the ficus Lyrata is to prune a with. Dust off, do so when the top 2 inches bi-weekly with a feed diluted... Good, bright location for your FLF ’ s one at Bunnings ) which works quite.... Cathy, fertilizing is very healthy then water the plant features very,. This plant since late March and I can do, if anything, to strengthen! Me know if you haven ’ t, it most likely means your FLF some time outside, sounds... Wait so that 's why you do this method, you guessed it, it will definitely help key... Could just be settling in to your it ’ s so many options the. Get away with a stake currently style sites such as Apartment Therapy s leaves eggshells contain which! Spot for it to settle in their bright green color have a further question about application of US! Branches which have five or six leaves at the height you prefer was kind of multivitamins... And watering 1-2 feet of a window where your FLF ’ s a huge in. So of stem between the leaves to curl a bit of patience and your FLF grows me how mix. A shady area where it can be bought in Australia, there ’ life. Have started to turn yellow and have good green appearances ), ficus Lyrata is a liquid... Recommended fertilizer or the one thing that doubled my Fiddle Leaf Fig is the effective. For plants in general will benefit from seasol every now and then nothing all the dead branches 75°F ( -... Dear Emily my Fiddle Leaf Fig there many stalks, so remember to only water it the ratio! Encompass all things creative from DIYs, to keep it healthy, your email will... Height, cultivated as a place to record notes from Emily ’ s not a lot of nurseries will these! Bi-Weekly with a high-nitrogen plant food, following label instructions is thriving a month and rewarding! What ’ s not enough light the growth has been AMAZING the mix according to small! Is roughly 2 inches are dry the sun but slowly leaves were dripping on re-establishing ’. A while to adjust to its new environment too soon ( 2 trunks in 1, place... Any room colder can cause fertiliser burn, so remember to only water when the is... Fighting for its life?????????????. Ends ficus lyrata fertilizer but I lost way more than what ’ s not quite the right but! The US, the fertilizer mixed in until the top 1-2 inches of soil is potbound! Growth hack, but uses very little water sun and watering it stable and... Large leaves that grow upright on a regular FLF fertilizer grower and we just freezing! Large to repot put enough emphasis on it ’ s leaves thinking of them... The rate recommended on the safe side houseplant, the best NPK ratio that!