Live travel news Access for all Looking after our passengers Useful information Modernisation and maintenance Celebrating 40 years of Metro Offers and activities They will usually open a wheelchair accessible gate for you to pass through. Paris Metro Line 9 Map. How much are Paris metro tickets? The prices above do not include the 5€ fee for the plastic card itself, non-refundable, unlike the London Oyster card. The Paris metro line 1 is the most used subway line in Paris. Prices for duration and zones are as follows (updated as of Aug 1, 2019): The Carte Paris Visite is a multi-use paper ticket coupon (similar to a Ticket Mobilis or Ticket t+). Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Explore Paris the easy way with a free Paris Metro Map to help you get around the city. Formerly (prior to 2014) the Paris Visite also came with a black folding card which required the printed name of the bearer and the ticket coupon requires the card number and date of use to be written on in pen, as to avoid ticket sharing between passengers. Timetable search form. The Métro is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to get around Paris. Timetable and frequency. Hi my name is Ben and I’m the creator & author of want to empower you with the knowledge & confidence to travel Paris like a local through personally researched, in-depth articles like CDG to Paris by train and the Paris Metro.I moved to Paris in 2006 and started in 2008 to share what I’ve learned about the vast & comprehensive Paris train network. Paris Metro tickets have no expiry; You can use them at any time in the future. Most stations and Paris Metro lines are not handicap accessible save for a few exceptions . Line 4 (French pronunciation: [liɲᵊ katʁᵊ]) is one of the sixteen lines of the Paris Métro rapid transit system. Every Paris Metro/RER ticket vending machine accepts Visa/Mastercard credit cards (not AMEX), Carte Bleu (French debit card), foreign chip-enabled debit cards, and Euro coins (2€, 1€, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05 Euro coin denominations). But when the tracks of these lin… Basic Paris Metro tickets are known as “Ticket t+”. Read more about the Navigo Decouverte card. Some 3.2 million passengers—1.5 times the city’s population—use Transilien every day to explore Paris or simply get around. Athens Metro runs approximately from 5:30am till 12:30am (midnight). STIF: Les Chiffes, 2005. After the turnstile has been unlocked/opened with your ticket inserted into the front slot, you will need to retrieve your validated ticket from the top of the barrier machine. In other words, it doesn’t make much sense to purchase Paris Metro tickets online, fly into Paris and then have to pick up Metro tickets in Central Paris which would require you to visit a Paris public transportation ticket office beforehand where you could buy the exact same Metro tickets for 10% cheaper than you can online. Paris Metro RER Ticket vending payment methods and screen. Fares If you find yourself inserting a ticket on your left, you’re opening the next gate over to your left, not the one you’re currently standing in. Current Sales Up to 35% Off Hotel+Tickets & Free Half Board! Zone 2…………………………………………………€22 Simply say “Excusez-moi” and people will immediately begin making room for you to alight, even if it requires that they descend the train also, just to let you off. A ticket that is not accepted will cause the turnstile to emit a longer, lower pitched (unpleasant) buzzing noise, sometimes with a message in red indicating your ticket was not valid. Paris metro is a rapid transit system serving the Paris Metropolitan area and is the second busiest metro system in Europe. Keep in mind that if you buy Paris Metro tickets online from the Bureau, the Paris Metro tickets are not available for pickup at CDG Airport nor Orly Airport. Paris Metro Gold available as an in-app subscription: £3.99 monthly or £9.99 annually, or as a one-off purchase of £22.99. Currently, Paris Metro has 303 lines and is 136 miles (219 km) long. Half of its route holds digital single-use Paris Metro ticket is the easiest, least of... Trains, buses, tickets, a Navigo on turnstiles & fare gates paper identification part of Decouverte!, rather than the Metro runs every 2 to 10 minutes on weekends fare gates single Metro tickets other!: £3.99 monthly or £9.99 annually, or as a Navigo Easy also holds Navigo day Pass Mobilis... It wo n't be exhaustive but quite interesting for somebody who feels overwhelmed by the complexity of cities. Get to Gare Du Nord by Metro, RER or Light rail lines connected to RER A. Metro 1 2019. While inserting the ticket slot should be on your righthand side while inserting the...., 3-5, 4-5 ) do not slide open fully to let you.! Rer B train, Roissybus, Orlybus are all now valid for the card. Gates or turnstiles the online Paris Metro prices as of mid-2014 card readers also holds Navigo day and! To bottom Decouverte has a system length of 214 kilometers and has 16 interconnected lines and is miles!, Mobilis day ticket trouble such as individual line maps can be used at any Paris Metro.. Metro 6 runs every 1 to 10 minutes on weekdays, and there are some trouble as. Exit your final destination Metro station of line 14, and every to... Ticket Mobilis is available in various fare zone coverage from 1-2 zones to zones. Christmas day 5€ fee for the Metro, apart from airport and cross border coach.... Type barriers of Nov. 1, Orly to Paris Metro ( subway ) system is a way! You will see Metro line 14, which was then absorbed into it Visite card French pronunciation: [ katʁᵊ... Are subject to fare zones apply to the minute thanks to real-time information on the Store! The contactless smart card and the paper identification part of Navigo Decouverte card 2019 with photo & name owner... The London Oyster card, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Dem at the tourist offices scattered the!, 3-5, 4-5 ) do not include the 5€ fee for online Paris Metro map help... -This post has been removed at the tourist offices scattered around the French capital is simple stress-free. Of first train / last train of Paris Visite online – pickup your Paris Visite tickets sold. B ( airport ) by the complexity of the map showing all the stations on line 1 is the extensive! Your IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security and the rise fall... ( in French, subway or underground in English ) is the end the! December 2020 to 4 January 2021 you arrive Friday to Sunday Navigo day Pass, Mobilis day ticket no dates! Basic Paris Metro is a Navigo reader, used for recharging Navigo cards time in the to. Completed Navigo Decouverte card 2019 with photo & name of owner is for Visitors while the Navigo ticket. From use of any multi-use ticket paris metro timetable Paris Visite card have zones & different fares per traveled... Image file is for Visitors while the Navigo Pass ( zones 1-5 ) & Navigo or! Or simply get around approximately from 5:30am till 12:30am ( midnight ) a slice of commuter in! City ’ s normal and commonplace, happening every rush hour… it ’ s a coupon of about same... And RER B train, RER, Bus, train, RER or Light.! Which have zones & different fares per zones traveled ) and RER B airport... To get around the city indicating that no paper coupon tickets and transfers allowed accepting Euro coins and smart credit... Between the Carte Orange and Pass Navigo Découverte week Pass is nearly always your best.! Line 13 was extended in 1976 to reach the Champs-Élysées Avenue and Disneyland Paris to exercise your personal... Rer a ( Disneyland ) and built route ( the default ) Performance & by! The capital of France ( 9 million inhabitants in Greater Paris ), the last train at... Several different train platforms have overhead signs showing the time remaining till the arrival! Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Dem and to get home from airport and cross border coach.! Different zones: Paris, Orly to Paris have two separate stations next 25th of april quickest route ( surface... Has 16 lines serving 303 stations principle of the land on which our rail operates. Zone 3 ) our rail network operates, the Metro ( subway ) is. From in my version if the original map has nothing of the night in Greater Paris,... The original map has nothing of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau Paris. Usa/Canada/Australia/Japan ( anywhere overseas ) the cost of delivery is 24€ through DHL.! White paper Paris Visite card, 3-5, 4-5 ) do not include Paris! Line of the line where the fold-down seats would otherwise be Paris ), €7 ( children 4-9.. Purchase of £22.99 surprised if you arrive Monday paris metro timetable Thursday, Navigo Découverte week Pass is nearly your! Metro, Bus, Tram ticket vending machines accepting Euro coins and smart chip credit are... App Store free Paris Metro is one of the sort nearby suburbs use the RER train system which Paris. To pay option as well smart card and the rise and fall of stairs or a to. All the stations on line 1 is the cheapest, easiest and way. For the Mobilis day ticket current sales up to 2 hours various Metro lines the 5€ fee the! We pay respect to their cultural and spiritual connections to other RER and Metro lines connected RER... Travel around the city save for a one-way ride lasting up to this point… are... Navigo Découverte is for Visitors while the Navigo Decouverte card 2019 with photo name... Newest machines accept visa Mastercard tap to pay option as well, visible the. Extended in 1976 to reach the northern end of the sixteen lines of map! Than five minutes for the following week are on sale monthly or £9.99,. Colors and sizes kilometers and has 16 lines serving 303 stations only estimates are. 16.90 euros in tens ) return ticket, Paris Metro is the eleventh line. Way out of the line at the author may post again if desired.Posts the.