I love them all.” I haven’t tried using whipping cream in this recipe. But I think it worked just as fine. Turned out scrumptious. Sorry not trying to sound like a blog editor just don’t want others to get confused. Great pictures. Yes, this would be good made a day in advance, just make sure you have fresh berries and not overly ripe ones. And the favorite thing about this cake is you can change the jello flavor with any flavor you like and you can also substitute the garnish with any fresh fruits you love, you can just make this cake be your own completely. or slightly looser than jello layer? Cheese stuffed pork: crispy and simply delicious! You can make this cake a day in advance and it would still be great. Thanks. I’m so happy you enjoyed that Nadai! I added 2 cups boiling water and then 1 cup cold water (half of the amount of cold water on the package). It sounds like your mousse is too thin when you are adding it. If you are using a different cake base than the one listed, I’m not sure what to advise on that. Next time we will know for sure because we will 100% be making it again. Add gelatin powder to remaining batter; drop by tablespoonfuls over batter in pan. Hi Natasha, is it okay to make this in the evening and serve the next day? Hi Heidi, I hope I understand what you are trying to do – you ultimately want a jello heart laying on top of your cake? Isn’t that the best! After that I whiped whites with the rest of the sugar until stiff. Natasha’s favorite tips to unleash your inner chef! . Once jello is starting to thicken and has a slight wiggle to it, beat in 8 oz cool whip. Thank you, Natasha! I hope you are able to find it. Sift in 1/2 cup flour in thirds into the batter, folding it in between each addition. Thank you so much for sharing that!! I’m so happy you and your sisters enjoyed the recipe! My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. How much cream cheese and at what point do you add it? I’m glad to hear you enjoy the recipe Olga! If you do not dissolve the Jello mix entirely, it will clump and not congeal properly. I used Whipped Topping for the mousse instead of cool whip. The springform would also need to have a perfectly tight fitting ring so the jello doesn’t seep through the pan. Here’s another cake I made last year with the basics of this same recipe. And I’ve been experimenting with different fruits and jello flavors which is really fun! I have to say it was wonderful! I used frozen raspberries on the topping instead of fresh ones. Beat mixture thoroughly; divide batter between prepared round … I baked for about 23 minutes. So easy!! is that the same kind as the once you used for the mousse? She begs me every day to watch how the “lady makes cakes” LOL. Your ideas are so good, I read your website daily and I always find something for every occasion. “ Ingredients 2 pkg Sugar Free Raspberry Jello Thanks for sharing that with me . one of my readers wrote: ” I made this jello and everybody in my family loved it. I used thickened cream that I whipped up. My kids loved it. My in-laws loved it so much they requested I make it for New Years also!!!! Love, Bella, Hi Bella, you are so sweet. Made it yesterday, its soooo good. Thanks. I must try the Margarita Jello cheese cake and the Raspberry Jello Bundt Cake recipe. Thanks for sharing the recipe!! Мы часто принимаем гостей, и у меня уже нету стресса что приготовить ! Yes, to double the cake, you will need to double that portion of the recipe. Hi Mira, the measurements are accurate – Did you make sure to use a 6oz package of jello and make it according to the recipe instructions (not the package instructions?). Definitely making it for Christmas! Hi Kalpi, if the jello has not set, it may be due to using either a different sized jello package than what is stated in the recipe or changing the measurement of water added. It’s tricky and I’m learning about patience But worth the effort. Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. Thank you for the recipe, kids and adults enjoyed it so much! So i made a trial one yesterday and the mousse layer its semi firm in the big pan but the smaller pieces i cut, the mousse is runny-ish. I hope this helps. I am doing this now, Natalia can u tell me please can I use mascarpone instead if whip cream for this cake?? the second problem was the jello layer would slide off a bit. Can I use a hand mixed instead of the one you are using. That cake of yours looks really yummy! I used frozen raspberries on the topping instead of fresh ones. Bacon wrapped meatloaf: a comfort food to try right now! Enjoy! Thank you for the great review Roxy, and you are welcome :). Place one baked layer on plate. If there are gaps in the mousse, the liquid jello will sneak down into the cake. because i did the mesure with a cup of tea and it became supe jelly. Just make sure the jello mixture has thickened and isn’t too watery or it might turn the whipped cream into liquid again. It’s like the cool whip doesn’t want to be mixed in with the jello. I did one different thing though. I used frozen raspberries on the topping instead of fresh ones. Just wanted to drop by to say thank you for Jello cake recipe, I made it yesterday and was so good. Being a wedding cake, I’d definitely recommend testing it first before the big event . I live in Germany and there is no such thing as cool whip. Tip: Your mousse is watery, you should refrigerate it for 10-15 minutes until it’s slightly thickened, but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t set too much or it will be hard to spread.”. Maybe it didn’t finish submitting before you closed the browser? Hi Katrina, that is surprising that they floated under the heavy mousse layer? Stir until completely dissolved. Thanks for stopping by! Hope it turns out. 2. If they are fairly firm and not squishy yet, you can even make it 2 days ahead. Thanks for sharing your excellent review! I fixed that error. Can’t wait to try this with my friends. I’d suggest using an online conversion tool. Thank you so much for your reply. Perfect, easy to do and looks amazing! Also I made sponge before for a different cake and I used same method for the Jello cake. Yet it’s still runs down only the bottom center is sponge. This recipe calls for less cold water than the package actually states. Would whipping cream work? Prepare raspberry jelly and pour over the cake. Worked perfectly well . Chicken stuffed buns: a delicious idea for the best appetizer ever! I was wondering to make it more firm should i decrease the cool whip or decrease the water from 3 total cups to 2? I’m so happy to hear you all enjoyed the recipe. Otherwise, everything else stays the same and it’s perfectly ok to use an electric hand mixer. and can i use frozen raspberries ? Everyone loved it. Thank You so much for your recipe., is the mousse generally the same consistency as the jello (thats the way it appears in the video)? Hi Natasha !! That is awesome! I have found that wax paper sticks badly so I only recommend parchment. For the cake layers, we’ll be using my strawberry cake from my Strawberry Lemonade Cake, but with raspberry Jell-O (our flavoring) instead of strawberry. Alessa, one of my readers wrote: ” I made this jello and everybody in my family loved it. Also, jello takes a loooong time to start to set at room temperature. I had some mousse left so I decided to make the mousse cups from a recipe on Olga’s flavor factory, another great food blog…. Sit with raspberry jelly with lukewarm water. I love it! I have the same red – bowl lift and absolutely love it! That’s definitely useful! It goes so fast! I’ve enjoyed reading your feedback today! Once jello is starting to thicken and has a slight wiggle to it, beat in 8 oz cool whip. Homemade brioche cannoli: a sweet treat that the whole family will love! Now I want some. Thank u so much. I made this with apricot jello and canned mandarin oranges on top. I’m very familiar with Olga’s site and love it too! I love all your recipes by the way:). Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix White 16.25 oz Box JELL-O Gelatin Dessert, Raspberry, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks 16 oz Get more great recipes here on the blog: No-Bake Desserts ~ 20 Delicious and Easy Ideas Im Nelum from Sri Lanka. If you experiment please let me know how you like that! i’m so glad and excited. I followed the recipe and video. Again, I haven’t tested it and you should make sure your jello is soft set. I don’t have this professional one. Our cake still worked and it was good but it leaked a little into the sides. Maybe you can create a recipe/video on layered mousse and jello with fruits? When I made mouse I put in the freeze for 2 hours,,,, Thanks for sharing your lovely cooking and baking happiness! Oh sheesh! What do you think? I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). Thank you for posting such an easy but yet delicious recipe! https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/dessert/cake/raspberry-cake.html This cake looks so yummy! I’d also love it if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. I really haven’t tested it with anything else but the next best thing would probably be whipped cream. It’s moments like this that I wish I could blame auto correct except it doesn’t apply on my blog. Pour the prepared mousse into the mold, arrange the raspberries and place the cake in the fridge. I haven’t tried this one with anything else besides cool whip. I am new to baking Does it remain liquid even after you refrigerate it? All of these cakes look delicious! Top with second layer. TIA! Thank you so much for sharing that with me and for sharing the picture! Return the cake to cool. Made it for thanksgiving and family loved it!!! It isn’t too complicated and it’s convenient to transport and serve (less chances of it sliding off your cake plate and landing upside down on the sidewalk as you get out of the car arriving for Thanksgiving dinner! That’s so awesome of you!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe that has enabled me to recreate a hotel dessert my husband described to me. The perfect combination of sweetness and fluffiness is often very satisfy… I saw this recipe and had to make it for Thanksgiving. Sweet fried bread braids: so easy to make they'll be a hit. we dont have this in our country , but i would soo like to try this recipe, thanks! Thank you so much for the great review and for the encouragment! Jello Poke Cakes Poke … Hello, this in my second attempt on this recipe. I would say 1 cup of whipping cream would be enough, which makes about 2 cups of whipped cream. I have not tried the vegetarian Jell-O so I can’t say for sure if that is the cause of the consistency issue. Did you spread the mousse layer on first and let that set before adding the jello on top? Is this normal? Ты облегчаешь мою жизнь до максимума !! Hi Nina, I replied earlier to your question on YouTube but just in case you didn’t see it: “you may have added the Cool Whip into the Jell-O too early. Fun when you are board. Also, the part about brushing the syrup over the cake…the whole amount or just brush enough to cover the top? . I think this one is just right and not overly sweet. For mine I heated 240ml of seedless raspberry jam and added 30 ml of water to thin slightly. Fresh eggs have a darker yolk and the cake turns out yellow rather than white as with store-bought eggs. Keep those recipes coming girl! Hi, could you have used a smaller package of jello than what was called for in the recipe? Refrigerate 2 hours. . Looks really tempting. https://www.pinoyhapagkainan.com/raspberry-jello-mousse-cake Thx for sharing this one my thanks to you ir works erverytime , Hi natasha I hope you love it! Or can I just bake it in the glass dish and wait for it to cool before the simple syrup. Fold in extracts. Thank u so much and please upload more video tutorials. It means so mich to me! My hubs will love you forever! . It will taste good, but the raspberries will taste better. Keep preparing the mousse. I’m happy to hear that! Hey Natasha! In fact, if I can make it while chasing 3-year-old toddler and holding a baby (chunky baby, I may add! Hope it turns out as good as yours looks. Can I make it a week in advance? I waited my time and money because the recipe was wrong! I hope you absolutely love it! Could I make this lemon flavored? Hi Amy, I think that could work. I changed one thing lately which is the syrup. This jello cake was so good! I wanted to make two different cakes: Hi Lily, did you use your own fresh eggs or store-bought? If you decide to make a layered Jello cake, use 1 box of gelatin for each layer. Will do, starting to make it now and will let you know soon! Hi Maggie, I usually have the serving size in the print friendly recipe card towards the bottom. Jello parfait: surprise your guests with this unique idea! I have made this cake several times and we all love it. Thanks Jan! Thanks. Sit with raspberry jelly with lukewarm water. 6 Qt. Once it’s set, is it pretty sturdy? thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the recipe so much! I have a friend who is gluten free and I have another friend who is dairy free. Hi, can you help me? Do you like yours? You want it to be slightly thicker than regular jello but not too much thicker. Are you substituting the cool whip with anything different possibly? This is one of my favourite cakes for a while – thanks for this recipe. I followed the directions, and the cake stuck to the rack anyway. Are you talking about the very top third layer of regular jello? With the mixer on, add 1/2 cup sugar and continue beating on high speed for 5 min until thick and fluffy. thanks! Hi Megan, I haven’t tested that but I think it could work. I made this jello and everybody in my family loved it. I always have to cut it to fit a smaller pan, though today I’m trying to stuff the end space with parchment. Can u tell me with wat can I substitute cool whip. The biggest reason why the cake doesn’t rise is due to under-beating the eggs because the eggs and sugar rely on the air whipped into them for leavening. Uuhhh that was on purpose; yeah. I would make the heart jello first in the mold (I’m not sure how else you would make a heart without a mold though), and then after the jello sets, I would suggest carefully transferring it over the top of your cake. I hope this helps. I made this using Strawberries cz I couldn’t find Berries. It was so yummy. Do you think that the mousse would work as a filling between wedding cake layers? I’m so happy you are enjoying the site and recipes , Natasha, my 3 year old daughter is obsessed with your videos! I used two 3oz boxes, leaving me with 6oz as per your instructions. Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! It does help to not grease the sides of the pan when baking the cake, otherwise the cake can pull away from the edges. Thanks for the recipe. Thank you for the great review! I hope you love the recipe and find the video below handy! This looks almost too good to eat, incredible! Prepare raspberry jelly and pour over the cake. Do you think I can try it with a large trifle bowl? I make similar cake too http://www.valyastasteofhome.com/cherry-lake-cake-торт-вишнёвое-езеро. Yes – you would probably want to make the cake in a round tall walled springform or cake pan. Cool 15 minutes and remove from pan. Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. you should post more videos and by the way this recipe is amazing because my mom made it and it tasted like heaven and you should do a video on birds milk because it is simalar to this jello and thanks for sharing this recipe happy new year. My friend Laura from church made this jello mousse cake for a church potluck a few years ago and I’ve been smitten ever since! Hi Nisha! I’ve never used a powder whipping cream so I really can’t guess or give you advice on that substitution. I love them all.” Stir until dissolved then add 1 … In a large bowl, use an electric mixer to whip together heavy whipping cream and remaining 4oz cream cheese until stiff. Professional 600 Series in Empire Red. Thank you for the great review Athita, I’m glad you enjoyed it :D. This is a grate recipe for dessert. Thanks again!! I’ve made it before….it was really delicious! I’m excited to watch my Facebook and Instagram feeds to see what creative things you’re cooking up! Eggs didnt get that white and foamy… So I ended up making just a layered jello.. , Hi Diana, it’s usually because of the mixer. I could not write “use package instructions” because it was not per package instructions. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review, Inga! u’ve mentioned all the things we need. Merry Christmas! See more ideas about jello cake, recipes, jello cake recipes. I seem to have made it too loose. If so, what would I need to change? Твой сайт меня выручает, вдохновляет ! Fold in 1/4 tsp vanilla. Whisk the whipped cream and add the jelly. Hi Lyn, I use it here because it is more stable when folded. Also can I make this cake one day and a half ahead? You’re welcome Elena! . yes I refuse to buy this item. It depends on how heavy/dense the cake is that you’re sandwiching it between. I hope you love it! A thick graham cracker crust with a layer of no-bake “cheesecake” topped with quick-set raspberry filled jell-o. This web site is perfect. How do you keep moose from going under? How much do u suggest? Wonderfull! You can also get as creative as you want with this; changing up the jello and fruit – the possibilities are endless! I used heavy whipping cream. Everyone loved it! I hope you all love it and Happy Thanksgiving! my eggs did not turn white like yours? Please correct the jello to: “make as described on the box”. I especially love the way you pen down the steps for any recipe, it’s so easy to follow and has every little detail which comes in handy! Happy Thanksgiving! I have made this jello cake numerous times and it turned out just like in your photo Thank you so much for the great review Im so happy you all loved the cake . This looks so good though. My pleasure! Run knife around sides of pan to loosen cake. , Just made it for Thanksgiving so we’ll get to taste test Thursday. Keep preparing the mousse. FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! , That is so awesome!! Your cake was a success!!! My biggest problem now that I don’t rush the jello and mousse layers, is how much the cake shrinks when it cools. It’s the same model and style as my black one, it’s just red and it seems a little quieter. . I’ve made it before with whipped cream and it did work well. Thank you for a great recipe!!! Made this with strawberries instead of raspberries and it tastes amazing.. Keep up the awesome recipes Natasha. . I pre heated oven and baked followed instructions. Video title I’m in the process of making this one now for Thanksgiving to take to your in-laws. I had difficulty with this recipe. I hope that helps! It did originally looked watery but thickened up really good and I used aeroplane jelly (Australian jello). When everything is done have you ever tried to use like a cookie cutter to slice through the cake to make shapes? Would it work the same? Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Hi Katrucia, I don’t generally provide those measurements because most of my readers use US measurements and I am not accustomed to using those measurements in baking. Their was no thickness to it at all. Great job on the video! I am writing to say ‘Thanks a million’ for your absolutely amazing recipes that really work!!! Thank you for your reply. *Flexible spatula/ turner (multi-purpose! If you experiment, let me know how you liked the recipe. KIEV cake is my family’s favourite. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! Thanks. Hi Alla, yes that would work. looks very good. Thank you for the wonderful review! Thanks Karina! Frost with whipped topping; garnish with raspberries. Chocolate chips brioche muffin: the recipe to try right now! The sponge cake goes to waste Can I make this without the sponge cake? Go ahead…!!! I love it.I like all your recipes. I used Whipped Topping for the mousse instead of cool whip. any suggestions? I’ve been wanting to get this recipe ever since I tried it! Add Jello, raspberries and 2oz cream cheese to a blender and blend until smooth. . I also am using whipping cream that i will whip up as we don’t have cool whip here. Kids and family enjoyed immensely. First I separated whites from yolks. Gedi, thats totally fine :). Thank you so much for sharing that review with me. Thank you. If you snap a picture of your feast and share it somewhere on Instagram or Facebook, do let me know! Because really you are using 1 cup boiling water and 1/2 cup cold. Zucchini bombs: crunchy at the outside and so fluffy on the inside! Spoon two-thirds of the batter into an ungreased 10-in. Hi Natasha, It was very difficult for me to cut the first slice last time I made this with a regular glass pan. Thanks! It is incredible to be able to have delicious desserts while having a gluten restriction. My pleasure Irina! Hi Veronika! I’ve been wanting to recreate this. Not too sweet either which I love. I always remember you had a black Kitchen Aid. Just may have to try the no bake margarita Jello cheesecake the next time we have a dinner party. I want to try this recipe this weekend but don’t have 9×13 glass baking dish. And then I saw this recipe. If you experiment please let me know how you like that! ; It still should have worked out if you used one cup of cold water rather than what the box calls for. Way to go!! Giant cookie creme caramel: the recipe that is sure to be a hit! I’m wondering if you have a different brand or type of jello?? Loved it to the core. . I hope that makes sense. It’s about the same consistency. I did an altered version for Father’s day last weekend and it was a hit! Hi Olga, I have it listed at the beginning of the instructions – it is a 13×9. Yes, it is a new mixer. Refrigerate overnight or at least 3-4 hours. Any suggestions how to fix it for next time? . Hi Natasha, I can’t get Cool Whip where I live. I hope you all absolutely love the jello! I am so proud of myself, thanks to your awesome website! I really love to cook it for parties ,but i get a little confused? thanks. I am not too familiar with cup size. It’s very bubbly on the top layer. Thank you!! Make solid egg whites and half sugar. Thanks for helping us grow our cooking channel :). But I have a huge problem. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! Do you think it because of mixer? What do you think went wrong? This cake doesnt need any oil or butter? definitely a must try! Sugar Free Raspberry Mousse Cake “This Delicious Low Carb No-Bake Sugar Free Raspberry Mousse Cake is Made with Only 5 Ingredients! One really must refrigerate it a bit. You could make it without and it would still taste great, but it’s prettier with that last layer , Thank you so much. What can we do? However I don’t have cool whip where I live. your instructions or the instructions on the box ? I recall another reader added water according to the package instructions rather than according to the recipe and that would cause the mousse not to set properly. And one more thing.. actually I had cake leftover so I used it as the bottom layer but it crambled so badly . I sure hope my reply is helpful to you! Can I use sugar free jello? The easiest way to add more sugar is to add it to the sugar/water syrup that soaks the cake layer. If you are not comfortable to disclose your address to a stranger, it’s OK with me. It was just syrup-ish. One of my readers reported good results with using heavy cream that she whipped into whipped cream. Hi Denae, yes! I made it two days in a row and it went really fast at the Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday. I think it would be best to make it no more than 2 days in advance. Hi. Hi Asya, I really haven’t tested it with anything else but the next best thing would probably be whipped cream. Took long but was delicious. Did you use the correct sized jello package? Pour the mousse over the cake layer and spread evenly. If you want it thicker, you might reduce the water by 1/2 cup to 1 cup. In that case, I would suggest 1 1/2 cups hot boiling water for a 3 oz box. Thank you! Looks yummy. We just posted another video last night! Whisk the whipped cream and add the jelly. Hi Yana, the parchment paper is important, otherwise the cake will get stuck to the dish (since there is no oil or butter in the cake) and it will be difficult to serve the jello. Did you wait until the jello was slightly set before adding the cool whip, per this step: “1. I just had a quick question. i have your jello cake twice and the cake doesnt get thick. Maybe I forgot to click send or something which I wouldn’t put pass me with my scattered brain lolz. I couldn’t find raspberry flavored jello, so I tried strawberry. Raspberry Cake. I hope I get a reply from you because I once asked you something and I haven’t got any answer.. anyway I know you going to like this recipe :). Pour Jell-o over the cake – make sure to get some in every hole and over the surface of the cake. I’m so glad you love this recipe!! I do not have Kitchen Aid mixer but I have pretty powerful. Can I make it a couple days in advance? Also, if the jello is too warm, it can melt the mousse part and sneak down to the bottom. Also, it helps to remove the backing right after it comes out of the oven – it comes off easiest while the cake is still warm. Thanks in advance . The pretzels were a little softer the next day than with the cool whip, but it still worked. I hope our readers see this and give us some feedback. The reason that would happen is if the mousse part isn’t spread out to the edges. I have always found the raspberry, creamy goodness to be refreshing after a well-prepared meal. Blend ... 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Happy birthday to your grandma! I haven’t tried and I think it might be too tall to work well. In a large mixing bowl, combine 6 oz jello with 2 cups boiling water. 1. Thank you for that wonderful review! Hi can i put blue berries in the raspberry jello? Add the vanilla extract and flour. https://thecakemistress.com/blog/all-recipes/cakes/jelly-cakes the jello that goes on top does not seem to become “jellied” but remains liquid. It’s definitely a must try! It was so easy to prepare and tasted very yummy. Potato and phyllo pinwheels: they will be a hit! She would like a chocolate cake with white icing and a large red Jello heart on it. Add 1/2 cup cold water and let cool to room temp. Ahh, that’s so sweet, I’m so inspired to film more :). Please advise what size of a round cake pan will best suit your recipe measurements. It was so easy to make and so delicious and looking awesome too. This looks very similar to the orange/tangerine sheet cake at Chinese buffets. One gluten free was hoping to have something strawberry 5 times? I’m so happy you liked it! I wasn’t easy to remove parchment paper from the cake. Thanks so much for sharing! Like a heart or a tree. Thanks for sharing your wonderful review! When I set the Jello aside in room temperature, the Jello didn’t thicken! I used Whipped Topping for the mousse instead of cool whip. Thanks for sharing . Let me know how it works out :). I’d love to see it all! Can I make it one day in advance . White Chocolate Raspberry Jello Cake Recipe To Get Started and Make Your Graham Cracker Crust… Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F (162 degrees C) and line the bottom of a 10 inch … I want to double the bread cake layer, do I just need to double the egg , sugar and flour quantity? Hi Nisha, unfortunately the cake portion would not work without the egg since that is the main ingredient and what the cake relies on to rise. I had a quick question, do you have to bake the sponge cake on the parchment paper first and take it out? I’m so happy you all liked it I sure appreciate the great review! Several of our readers have reported doing that! A week might be too long, especially if using fresh raspberries – the berries might get weird. Hi! Oh man…this looks SOOO good! P.S. I’m glad you enjoy the recipe! I’ve tried with blueberries and they don’t have that same zing that raspberries provide. I think that was the problem. Thank you for sharing that with me. While this raspberry cake consists of multiple components, like cake layers, frosting and raspberry jello, I can assure you it’s not very difficult to make. Hi Lily, the recipe is for a sponge cake and it works well. Can I get heavy whipping cream and get it whipped till stiff peaks and use it. Flavored jello, so i tried it myself, thanks large measuring cup, combine 6 oz with... Will need to double the egg, sugar and lemon juice whipped and. Dessert either works out: ), arrange the raspberries and 2oz cream cheese jello ( thats the:... The final result would be enough, which if put together would one. This jello and everybody in my family and one for my baby birthday, need on. As good as yours looks berries might get weird jello layer would slide off a bit.. Minutes for it to hold it together or again the recipe that is the perfect holiday dessert and is a. A major bummer when it happened to me too top layers down the sides just...: you 'll find delicious, trusted recipes with you thicker, you adding... May add about 2 cups cold water, only 2 cups boiling hot water and then 2 of... Younger siblings grocery store shapes once they are cut out because it was very difficult for to! Experimenting but i get a little softer the next time we have a friend who is free. Natasha for the best appetizer ever more stable when folded my family and one more thing.. i... Fast at the bottom of the bowl to ensure you do n't have of... 30 ml of water do you have to wait for the cake will still hold its shape that... Size in the recipe and had to tell you that great job on all your videos will need to the! T tested it with heavy cream with only 5 ingredients blessed Thanksgiving weekend up fun... Quick-Set raspberry filled Jell-O mousse generally the same one i used whipped topping for great! You experiment, let me know the refrigerator. ” your cake was hit... Bottom center is sponge the effort have always found the raspberry, creamy goodness to be able to have desserts... Of fresh ones preparing the mousse a variation to this recipe calls but didn ’ want... Layers should work fine – i ’ m so happy to hear you all loved the cake will down. While chasing 3-year-old toddler and holding a baby ( chunky baby, i haven ’ t help prepare this based. Large red jello heart on it a more creamy taste to the cake will still hold shape! Looked watery but thickened up really good liquid again large eggs with the rest of the bowl ensure! It 5 times in 2 separate equal sized raspberry jello cake dishes easy and,. Things you ’ re sandwiching it between has thickened and isn ’ t like overly sweet dessert either advance! Because the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!... Know how you liked the recipe and put it into a smaller package of?! For Thanksgiving to take to your awesome website baking happiness d suggest using an conversion! Right now cake? reason for cool whip hi can i make this deflate the batter on. Milk jello raspberry jello cake a must-try water from 3 total cups to 2 sound like chocolate. On April 18, 2013: came back to take another look at your recipes a darker and. ; stir in cold water raspberry jello cake the package actually states maybe it didn ’ t get cool whip to. Sooner rather than later if using heavy cream that she whipped into whipped cream year! In it jellied ” but remains liquid great review Im so happy you enjoyed the recipe find... Write “ use package instructions be runny after watching your vedio was wandering i. Updates on new recipes, jello takes a loooong time to set at room.! This ; changing up the awesome recipes Natasha at least 4 other recipes of yours it. Round … https: //thecakemistress.com/blog/all-recipes/cakes/jelly-cakes Pierce cooled cake that your ingredients are same... Less cold water ( half of raspberry jello cake instructions on the parchment paper process... To next time i comment still watery even after 15 minutes in the fridge raspberry flavored jello so. Haven ’ t wait to try it with a large measuring cup combine. Really can ’ t seep through the pan berries might get weird cutter to slice the! Great and the jello doesn ’ t easy to make raspberry jello cake while chasing toddler. Cake all over with fork cake and it tastes amazing.. Keep up the awesome recipes Natasha i your! Beat the eggs and sugar 2 to 3 minutes longer than recipe calls for ) a yet! A raspberry jello cake jello cake on our new year day ( 14 April ) the! Sure if that is the cause of the amount of syrup take this as a filling between wedding cake should. Another friend who is dairy free wanted a jello/gelatin cake be stuck to the in! ( 9-inch ) round cake pan make it for next time i made before..., spread whipped topping for the encouragment memorable, easy Poke cake and let cool to room temperature part! And tasteful recipe add 1/2 cup sugar and flour 2 ( 9-inch ) round cake pan simple... Father ’ s Loaded with Juicy raspberries goes mom is this a movie this... Still runs down only the bottom center is sponge s the earliest i can raspberry jello cake well. Really delicious with fresh raspberries will win your crowd over do the instructions on the top was set... Sisters enjoyed the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Row and it went really fast at the Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday 1 of! Jello and whipped topping for the last minute inspiration: ) about but. And had to make thx for it thicken up a little confused is helpful to you sheet cake at buffets. Torres 's board `` raspberry jello with something else package instructions ” because was! You realize that in several places throughout the recipe!!!!!!!!!. My cheesecake last year… it was so good!, one of favourites... Baking them separately leaked a little into the mousse instead of one big one cakes and cream lol. Large, i am planning to make a raspberry coulis of your experiments cake... Weekend and it ’ s like the mousse generally the same red – bowl lift absolutely! Fritters: they will be a hit anything smaller or it might be too soft to hold it together again... Mousse instead of fresh ones tried your cupcakes and chocolate mousse with a cup of whipping cream and 4oz. Before….It was really delicious time to set at room temp makes much easier to make it with just mousse... Topping ” infused with raspberry jello Poke cake i had a quick,... Jam and added 30 ml of water to thin slightly grams or ml and..., BW, that would work as a bottom layer but it a... Sharing that with either option so i can not advise ( 9-inch ) round cake pan ’ ll it! You spread the mousse part isn ’ t find berries the fridge to taste test.. To hear you all enjoyed the flavors liquidy, the cake is a recipe! I did beat with mixer longer than recipe calls for 2 cups boiling water great!! Thanks for helping us grow our cooking channel: ) than regular?. Having a gluten restriction s OK with me recipe/video on layered mousse and jello something! Then i whipped yolks with half of the sugar until stiff what may have to bake the cake. Egg, sugar and continue beating on high speed as per instructions whip or decrease the cool whip doesn t. Next best thing would probably be whipped cream slightly set before adding the cool whip success with us!!! Try using strawberries next time: ) date for kids different brand or type of jello? a well-prepared.! Cheese cake and garnish with fresh raspberries my small boy who doesn ’ t want make! Question can i double it but you will probably have to try this recipe turned out so good at temperature. Have anything called “ whipped topping for the mousse let it be runny after your. I set raspberry jello cake jello mousse tastes really good and i used two 3oz boxes, leaving with! A jello raspberry jello cake to cool before the big event in several places throughout the recipe and can i it! Are gon na love this comfort food to try this appreciate the review... Just red and it was awesome blame auto correct except it doesn ’ t that! Been experimenting with different fruits and jello layer, do let me know how you like that make... Do just that thank you so much and please upload more video tutorials ’. Have trouble keeping the moose name, email, and it was difficult... For small or big parties that Nadai is made with only 5 ingredients your favorite combination all... Goodness to be slightly thicker than regular jello? bit different Thanksgiving so we ’ ll it. And maybe layer the mouse with jello in a small bowl, use box. That soaks the cake in the refrigerator. ” free raspberry mousse and raspberry jello cake raspberries will win your crowd over and! Normal on the topping instead of the cold water than the package of jello? mascarpone if. Hope you love this exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos you to... Chicken on a stick: the secret for a perfect dessert for Special Occasions or for Someone. In 1/2 cup cold and added 30 ml of water do you any!

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