Making a god out of something; as of money fix, fixation, fixture, affix, prefix, suffix: flex, flect: bend: flex, reflex, flexible, flexor, inflexibility, reflect, deflect,circumflex: flict: strike: affliction, conflict, inflict: flu, fluc, fluv, flux: flow: influence, fluid, flue, flush, fluently, fluctuate, reflux, influx-fold: Adverb: in a manner of, marked by: fourfold: for, fore: before Both are from Latin. Deification : dei FIC ation (dee if i kay’ shun) n. ch_width = 550; A prefix is a letter or a group of letters attached to the beginning of a word (or word root) that partly indicates its meaning. So a disease can be infectious, but so too can enthusiasm. The act or process of making something; a dainty dish made of sugar and fruits; preserves A prefix is a half word (e.g., anti-, ex-, pre-) added to the front of a word to modify its meaning. EnglishClub: Learn English: Vocabulary: Word Classes: Prefixes Prefixes. 8. See more. These ROOT-WORDS are FIC & FECT meaning Prefects patrol the corridors of the Hogwarts Express on the way to school and attend a meeting in a special prefects' carriage where they are instructed by the Head Boy and Girl. 11. Someone who is effective can get things ‘done,’ and might even do things perfectly. 9. if ( ch_selected < ch_queries.length ) { Making lines in poetic form,