Our Dedicated Team

Accountants & Consultants

Clients benefit from the breadth of our European team of Associates. They often handle cross-border deals, and our Associates-Lawyers regularly work in well trained teams.
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Attorneys & Founders

Our Partners share knowledge with all the new clients, in order to keep clients up to date on trends. This way, our Partners deliver these results through working relationships with clients.
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Economic Advisors

We invest heavily to ensure that clients benefit from our Economic Advisors and their formidable knowledge and market insights. They also own the local knowledge of a top-tier national firm.
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Blog writers

Our Blog Writers develop the contents that our clients need in the most pragmatic and efficient way possible, so that we can identify more efficient ways of working together.
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IP & Private Equity
IP & corporate advisors

We work closely with our top-tier clients, addressing the challenges of IP and Private Equity they face, being innovative in the solutions proposed and advising on front-page deals.
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Clients assistance

Our Receptionists are well trained in helping our client to find the best available lawyer at the right moment. When our clients call, they work diligently and assiduously
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